Our business



Skynet, one of the leading local carrier companies, has more than 18 years' experience in providing domestic and international carrier services. Established in 1992, Skynet has established more than 80 stations at strategic locations in Malaysia.


PosLaju which was established more than 26 years ago, is the nation's preferred domestic courier service provider, boasting the most extensive delivery network and outlets in Malaysia, as well as the largest courier fleet and workforce locally. Its services are readily accessible throughout Malaysia at 68 PosLaju Centers, more than 700 Post Offices and over 300 Mini Post Offices, 156 Pos Shoppes, 24 units of Pos-On-Wheels serving at even the most remote areas in Malaysia.
PosLaju has also appointed over 100 Authorized Agents which enables customers to get access to PosLaju's services at IKOBANA (44 outlets), Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) (36 outlets), MPH Bookstore (4 outlets), PROTON Edar Branches and Dealers (21) and individual agents (27 outlets). This not only extends the coverage of courier service to areas where PosLaju outlets are inaccessible, but also enable customers to reach these services beyond normal working hours and during weekends.

Kangaroo Worldwide Express

Kangaroo Worldwide Express incorporated in year 1997, moves with the best of them. Since its incorporation, Kangaroo Worldwide Express has established a reputation for speed and reliability in all markets we serve.
Kangaroo Worldwide Express operates document and parcel collection and delivery service through more than 40 offices located throughout Malaysia. A fleet of linehaul vehicles have been upgraded and expanded to meet the growing business volume. From the hub our linehaul trucks will take your package to the appropriate depot throughout the night, to delivery vehicle or to KLIA airport for dispatch to one of the 180 countries that we serve in the most expedited method.
Kangaroo Worldwide Express has a new global express which offers you an unrivalled timely delivery all over the world and serves more than 180 countries worldwide. Now all you need to deliver anywhere within Malaysia and the rest of the world is an account with Kangaroo Worldwide Express.
Kangaroo Worldwide Express directly employs over 500 staffs who work together with franchisees to provide a comprehensive encompassing the entire business spectrum, from next day documents delivery to international air-freight. By harnessing our strategic network of 49 branches including franchisee and delivery agents in Malaysia coupled with alliances with reputable international courier companies, Kangaroo Worldwide Express provides fast, reliable and efficient courier, logistics, and related express delivery services.